Making Summer Fun – And Funny – For SeaWorld

With multiple new attractions and events for the summer, SeaWorld wanted to bring in visitors by telling that story in a memorable way – a way that felt different from past broadcast work.

Cannonball got the call, and our point-of-view hinged on humor helping this spot stand out not only from past creative, but from the competition. The idea? A funny look at a family “the morning after” having the time of their life at SeaWorld.

The segue from “the morning after” to flashbacks of the family experiencing the new attractions and events ultimately leads to the consumer takeaway that “What’s Next Is Now” at SeaWorld.

The humor appealed to both adults and kids, and digital videos further supported the campaign online.

Digital Short - “It’s That Kind of Party 1”
Digital Short - “It’s That Kind of Party 2”
Digital Short - “Unleash The Legend"

Outdoor, airport takeovers and in-park creative further promoted the “What’s Next is Now” story.