Kristen Bell Helps Move Enterprise Beyond Just Car Rental

After Joel McHale helped launch Enterprise’s new “Rent, Buy, Share” positioning, it was Kristen Bell’s turn to show all the different ways Enterprise picks her up – from the brand’s “alarmingly sensible” Car Share service to the Exotic Car Collection from Enterprise… “because sometimes mama wants to drive like a mother…”

Cannonball set most of the spot at actual locations, where a surprisingly self-aware Kristen Bell takes a tour of all the ways Enterprise can pick her up. The spot far surpassed all Millward Brown Ad Diagnostics, like “New Information”, “Makes Me Likely To Use” and “Enjoyed Watching.”

A series of digital shorts feature Kristen engaging with individual lines of business like Enterprise Truck Rental and Enterprise Car Sales.

See how the campaign extended into the NHL season with legendary goalie Martin Brodeur.