All The Ways Enterprise Picks Up NHL Legend Martin Brodeur

Enterprise is the Official Rent-A-Car of the NHL®. Going into a massive American and Canadian NHL media buy, Cannonball knew the person following in the footsteps of Joel McHale and Kristen Bell to be a hockey star who appeals to both Americans and Canadians, speaking English AND French.

Enter legendary goalie Martin Brodeur, beloved Stanley Cup champion and Olympic Gold Medal winner.

The spot shows all the ways Enterprise can pick up hockey fans like Marty – a playful, self aware version of Marty – during the NHL season. We see Marty rent an SUV for a family trip to the playoffs (cue the playoff beards), rent a truck to haul his awards (ALL his awards), and try out the Exotic Car Collection from Enterprise (“…for my midlife crisis…”). A French-Canadian version of the spot ran north of the border.

A series of digital videos showcased Marty humorously engaging with specific Enterprise lines of business.

At the end of the regular season, Marty helped Enterprise pump up fans for the playoffs: