With Enterprise and Transformers, There’s More Than Meets The Eye…

When Enterprise partnered with Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight, it was Cannonball’s mission to bring the program’s message to life: “Rent, Buy or Share… Enterprise. More Than Meets The Eye.”

We started with how most Transformers fans first experienced the franchise – as a toy. That spawned the idea of a throwback toy commercial spoof that playfully celebrates the alliance of Enterprise with the AUTOBOTS™. Enterprise, Paramount and Hasbro were all in, so Cannonball teamed up with experienced toy commercial producers to humorously put Enterprise vehicles into the action.


  • 14 million video views
  • 56% completion rate (47% higher than norms)
  • Over 450,000 organic YouTube views
  • Campaign attributed to 75% unaided awareness – 15% lift in unaided awareness compared to those in the control group