Understanding The Audience & Their Culture

As the live pork production company of Smithfield Foods, Murphy-Brown is the largest pork producer in the world. The company is committed to providing the safest, highest-quality pork in the world.

Murphy-Brown asked Cannonball to develop a brand messaging platform and visual identity that defined and differentiated the company based on its unique values, culture and mission. This was used to create a compelling recruitment campaign and inspire unity and pride among all employees.

Getting to Know Murphy-Brown

To truly understand the Murphy-Brown brand personality and culture, Cannonball interviewed 22 employees across 15 different disciplines, from five different states and in Mexico. Many reoccurring themes emerged, which we used to create the brand essence and recruitment materials.

Brand Essence: Unlimited opportunity tobe your best

Murphy Brown Guy

Recruiting with emotional connections

The interviews we conducted provided us with an abundance of rich content that allowed us to make sincere and genuine connections with potential employees.

The recruitment brochure highlighted Murphy-Brown’s offerings and focused on its commitments, positive culture and opportunities to grow within the company.

Murphy Brown Logo

“You want to be proud of who you work for and be proud of doing something that’s doing something good in the world."

The recruitment banners showcased real quotes from Murphy-Brown employees in their working environment.