Bayer Environmental Sciences Advertising Agency

Making the Technical More Approachable

From automotive parts to insecticides, Cannonball is adept at making technical concepts more approachable. And with clients who are esteemed experts in their fields, we understand accuracy is imperative to maintaining brand integrity. We make sure the content and technical selling points ladder up to clear customer benefits.

Product launches from A to Z

Cannonball is no stranger to product launches and support materials. With our Bayer Professional client, things can take a technical twist. Cannonballers know it’s important to get the communication and messaging right the first time, after all, there’s only one first impression for new products. From proprietary active ingredients to application rates, we take the information and distill it down into functional, digestible resources and marketing elements (print and online) – from product pages to landing pages.

Connecting customers with the experts

When it comes to turf news and solutions, Bayer offers its customers one of the best resources in the industry – the Bayer Green Solutions Team (GST). The team is comprised of industry experts and they have tons of knowledge to share. Bayer asked Cannonball to help them get the word out about the team. So we talked the GST up – literally. We created “Talking Turf,” an online blog format that delivers timely information on current turf issues, technical updates, and the latest agronomic solutions to turf problems. The team also offers professional observations, insights and recommendations on all things turf.

The blog is supported by a yearly email series focusing on various turf issues and solutions and messaging on related Bayer website pages to drive traffic.

Communicating a certified process

Original One Parts reconditions and certifies OEM parts using a proprietary trademarked process. By first listening to company leadership convey the nuances of their industry, then researching on our own, Cannonball developed an overall understanding of the business goals and objectives.

Cannonball worked together with the Original One Parts team to develop a strategic launch plan, that focused largely on communicating their one-of-a-kind process to the market. We helped them craft the key aspects of their unique story from developing their logo and overall design, naming their proprietary process, writing, directing and producing a video that articulates exactly what they do.