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Cannonball Takes Branded Hockey Content To New Lengths

Over the past year, Cannonball has worked with NHL sponsor Enterprise to build a deeper connection with hockey fans through powerful storytelling that “picks up” viewers.

Since Enterprise was already entrenched within the NHL community, our strategy was to tell stories from every level of the game – high school, amateur and pro. Whether it was 30 seconds or 30 minutes, we wanted to tell stories that move the hearts and minds of hockey fans.


It all began with “The Road Through Warroad: Hockeytown USA”, a 30-minute original documentary film that premiered on NBC Sports, serving as the finale of the network’s Hockey Day in America broadcast. Cannonball was responsible for the concept, development and production of the entire documentary.

:30 Broadcast Trailer

The film tells the story of Warroad, Minnesota, a small town of less than 2,000 people that has produced seven Olympic hockey players, five NHL players and more than 80 Division 1 college players (you can read more about the project here).

Documentary Film

Key Results

  • The national broadcast premiere nearly tripled YAGO time period rating, and almost doubled the network average (including live sports)
  • From a social/digital standpoint, NBC Sports saw 10x views over previous high water benchmark on Facebook, doubled and tripled all pre-existing unit interaction and viewership benchmarks, and saw 5-10% higher video completion rates, regardless of length
  • NBC Sports now considers this campaign their gold standard and template for content distribution


Our next project was a video series leading up to Mother’s Day, introducing the untold story of “Mom Hockey” leagues – a nationwide group of hockey moms who put the pads on themselves every Sunday night.

Marquee Video

Personal “Mom Hockey” stories looked at what inspired moms like Nicole and Kathleen to start playing.

Kathleen’s Story

Nicole’s Story

Key Results

  • 12.8% higher video completion rate than benchmark
  • Over 1 million video views and over 5.4 million impressions


At the pro level, our storytelling shifted to NHL fans – specifically the fan bases who go the extra mile to follow their team on the road. “The NHL’s Most Driven Fans” celebrated the experience and camaraderie of cheering for your team in enemy territory.

Marquee Video

The series rounded out with individual fan stories. The first video featured Rocco, a Pittsburgh Penguins fan who hit the road to Columbus for one of his first away game experiences.


Rocco’s Story

Andy’s Story


Key Results

  • 35% higher video view rate than benchmark
  • Over 540,000 video views and 1.1 million impressions on a limited media spend


Cannonball also developed digital video content that served as an extension of our national TV spot featuring legendary NHL goalie Martin Brodeur.

In the spot, we showcase all the different ways Enterprise picks up Marty.

:30 TV Spot

Digital content extensions featured Marty engaging with specific lines of Enterprise business, like Exotic car rental and truck rental.

Digital Short: “Martin Brodeur Rents an Exotic Car”

Digital Short: “Martin Brodeur’s Awards”

Before the playoffs, we helped Enterprise pump up fans for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Digital Short: “Martin Brodeur’s Playoff Countdown”