Our work works. Every day we create compelling brand building for some of the largest and smallest brands in the world and we can do it for your brand too. Just drop us a note at stacey@cannonballagency.com or call Stacey Goldman at 314.445.6400.


Cannonball is always looking for talented, passionate, team-players who are ready to jump right in. If you’d love to do good work at an agency where ideas drive the process and not the other way around, just email us your story at kris.hoelscher@cannonballagency.com or check out current openings below.

current openings

Clients and consultants

Putting together a short list of agencies for an upcoming advertising, digital or promotional review? Getting ready to send out that RFP? You’ve stopped in a good place.

Cannonball has long-term and continued success as a brand builder across multiple categories. We’re especially capable in the customer service category, the alcohol category, destination marketing and digital content development.

We know that one five-minute conversation or email exchange will demonstrate the capabilities and credentials worthy of your short list. We’ll even include references from pitches won—and lost—so you get a sense of how we work in a competitive creative and strategic arena.

Today, brands are looking to make an impact. That’s what Cannonball does.

If you’re in the process of selecting a short list of agencies or putting together an RFP, let’s talk. Win or lose, Cannonball will make a compelling presentation and an inspired choice.

Contact us at stacey@cannonballagency.com or call Stacey Goldman at 314.445.6400 and let’s continue the conversation.