A Campaign
During A Crisis

BJC HealthCare

As the battle against COVID-19 raged on, frontline healthcare workers were wearing down. Cannonball helped BJC show their brave doctors, nurses and staffers that BJC understands what they were going through – saluting their relentless service, thanking them for all they’ve done and inspiring them to continue.


Real Heroes

Cannonball created a campaign that presented real BJC frontline workers in their real state: exhausted, pushed to their limits – and ready to come back for more.

A bold photography and design treatment stood out from other COVID-19 messaging, giving these healthcare heroes the honesty and honor they deserve. Empowering messaging saluted the heroism of the entire BJC system.

The campaign ignited the entire BJC system to press on, while also serving as a rallying cry for the St. Louis region to support the heroes working at BJC.