National Rental Car

Go Like a Pro

Meet the Control Enthusiast, a business travel character we created to demonstrate the choice and control you get with National.

Bad Boy Mowers

Growing a Grassroots Lifestyle

For Bad Boy Mowers customers, mowing isn’t a chore – it’s a lifestyle. This campaign is elevating the brand to national relevancy.

St. Louis CITY SC

Building a Team And a Brand

St. Louis’ new Major League Soccer club didn’t have a name, story, logo or colors. That’s where we came in.


For All The Places Life Takes You

Enterprise is more than just car rental. We introduced that fact to the world with a little help from Kristen Bell and Joel McHale.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Laila: The Next Season

Cannonball pitched, developed and produced this 30-minute documentary for St. Louis Children’s Hospital & Fox Sports.

Lion’s Choice

Restoring The Roar of Lion’s Choice

Lion’s Choice was a beloved brand, but lost its way. Cannonball created a new positioning and brand identity that’s fit for a king.

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