Building a Team
And a Brand

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Cannonball helped land a Major League Soccer franchise in St. Louis. But now came the real assignment: Building the club’s identity from the ground up.

Cannonball worked alongside club ownership to make every strategic and creative decision, including developing the club’s name, narrative, vision, purpose, colors and crest design, plus launched the campaign that introduced this new identity to the world.

The Crest & Colors

For our club’s visual identity, we wanted a modern aesthetic that was still undoubtedly “St. Louis.”

The crest features STL’s iconic Arch, standing as a gateway, open to all. Two lines representing the Missouri and Mississippi rivers combine to form a proud, united symbol of our city – and our spirit.

Our colors were inspired by the St. Louis flag, a bold interpretation for a new generation.

The Launch

Due to the pandemic, the club name, crest and colors were announced via livestream to a “sold out” room. Weeks prior, fans were invited to submit photos which became their cutout avatars, putting them in the room vicariously.

Online, a video campaign featuring the voice of actor Sterling K. Brown introduced the club’s brand narrative and identity.

And throughout our community, a parade of custom CITY-designed AUDI vehicles (MLS sponsor) hit the streets and gave fans their first taste of CITY swag.

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Swag Patrol

A parade of custom CITY-designed AUDI vehicles hit the streets and gave fans their first taste of CITY swag.