Meet The Control Enthusiast

National Rental Car Logo

If there’s one thing our research told us about National Car Rental users, it’s that they like to be in total control of their business travel. No-nonsense. No muss. No fuss. So for their new campaign, we created the living embodiment of this mindset. He’s not a control freak… he’s more of a Control Enthusiast.

A Fully Integrated Campaign

Along with a national TV campaign, the Control Enthusiast also came to life at branch, on banner ads, and through a digital content series called “The Control Enthusiast’s Guide To Life”

An Ad We Encourage
You To Skip

To highlight National’s selling point of being able to skip the counter and go straight to your car, we created a pre-roll campaign with our Control Enthusiast encouraging viewers to skip the ad. The Campaign won multiple regional gold ADDYs, including “Best In Show”.

It’s Good To Be Boss

National was the leader for the concept of choice with consumers. Plus, our campaign shattered the norms in all consumer-scored categories.

Leader for the concept of choice with consumers

40 index


24 Avis/27 Hertz

Unaided awareness grew


11% to


Overall market share points



Makes brand appealing (norm 56)

Likely to use (norm 38)

Enjoyed watching (norm 55)

Would talk about with friends (norm 33)