Bringing a Major League Soccer team to St. Louis is no minor feat, as proven by multiple failed attempts in the past. When a locally-based ownership group approached Cannonball to do things differently, we embraced their challenge to develop a campaign including strategy, messaging and creative – a plan that required us to rally fans and civic leaders around a shared goal of landing a franchise, proving to MLS that St. Louis should be the home of their next expansion club.

The Rally Cry

We turned the “plan” into a “movement” we named #MLS4THELOU, creating a brand (logo, colors, etc.) that the St. Louis community embraced as their own. We designed the campaign for maximum community involvement, coverage and transparency – earning the support of key stakeholders throughout.

Social Media

Cannonball developed a social content calendar that deepened the connection between potential club and community. The plan was leveraged across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


click-through rate

compared to normal rate of 1%


E-communication kept subscribed #MLS4THELOU ambassadors engaged and informed.


email open rate

compared to normal rate of 21%

The movement’s website became the hub of all MLS4THELOU info, and was designed/ran by Cannonball.

average user visit as compared to normal rate of 1 minute per visit

Scoring The Goal

The movement became a reality when MLS awarded its 28th franchise to St. Louis.

Cannonball worked with club ownership and MLS to coordinate an announcement event and celebration party at a local craft brewery. We produced multiple videos and social content for the celebration, reinforcing how “WE” – the fans and local civic leaders – did this together.

The news was covered by all local media, as well as national media including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports, Fox News, The New York Times, CBS Sports, USA Today, BBC, AP and UPI.

Social Media Impressions

Social Media Engagements

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